How can I have an account and make my teaching profile?

First, please register and once you have your own account you will be able to make your teaching profile on the Edit Profile section of your account page.

How much does this matching service cost?

Nothing. It's totally free for teachers. Only students pay a service fee in order to access the teacher's contact information.

How do I get paid?

Your students will pay you in cash at the end of each lesson. Teachers should never ask students to pay in advance.

How much should I charge per lesson?

This is up to your discretion. You can select your lesson fee on the Edit Profile section of your account page so just pick a rate which you think is appropriate. And it's advised that teachers and students confirm the lesson fee before start lessons.

Where and when will my teaching profile be published?

Your teaching profile will be published on our student's page normally within 24 hours of your submission.

How do students contact me?

Students will usually contact you for the first time by sending an e-mail to your registered e-mail address after they have received your contact information. They may also use other means, such as phone, if you have allowed on your profile page for students to access your additional contact information. *Please frequently and routinely check your spam or junk e-mail boxes also as it seems that sometimes the lesson request e-mails are automatically sorted into there.

I don't speak Japanese at all. Can I still register?

Sure, go ahead, please. Most of the Japanese students are looking for teachers who can help them brush up their conversation skills, which mean that you can talk to them in the language you are teaching.

Can I get a visa from hello-sensei.com?

No. We offer only the online teacher-student matching service that gives you the opportunity to find students.

How long must I plan to be in Japan to have my teaching profile published on hello-sensei.com?

You can only have your teaching profile published only if you plan to be in Japan for at least 60 days.

A student just contacted me for a trial lesson but I'm not available for the student's request. Should I still respond to him/her?

Yes, please tell the student that you are currently unavailable for lessons. If you are currently unavailable for lessons in general please be sure to make the status of your teaching profile "Unpublished" status on the top of the Edit Profile section of your account page until you can start offering lessons again. If you wish to remove your account/profile permanently please let us know by using our Contact Us form. We will do it for you after receiving a confirmation from you.

I have set the status of my teaching profile to "Unpublished" status but students still keep sending me e-mails. Why?

These students probably requested your contact information before you set it to "Unpublished" status. Sometimes this occurs when the students do not contact the teacher immediately after they've receive the teacher's contact information.

My reply email to a student was returned by error, and for some reason it seems that I can't reply to the email address the student has sent me the lesson request email via.

This typically happens when the student uses the Japanese cell phone email address. Please contact us and let us know the student's name and his/her email address and we will try to solve this problem.

How can I change my lesson fee or lesson area ?

You can update your teaching profile details anytime online at the Edit Profile section of your account page. Your updated profile will be published back, normally within 24 hours.

Where can I change my registered e-mail address?

You can update it at the Edit Account section of your account page.

I forgot my password! What should I do?

You can reset the password and then you can log-in again to set your new password.

My question is none of the above. What should I do?

Please feel free to contact us anytime by using our Contact Us form anytime. We will answer your question as soon as possible.