Terms Of Use (Agreement)

This Terms of Use (Agreement) is between hello-sensei.com and teachers (hereafter, Language Teacher) who post their teaching profile to the online system of hello-sensei.com. This Agreement covers all aspects of the teacher-student matching service of hello-sensei.com (hereafter, the Service):

1. About the Service

  • The Service is to help Language Teachers find students by hosting their language profile on the Internet.
  • The Service's main goal is to improve the quality and affordability of language training in Japan.
  • The Service is only for residents of Japan.
  • The Service can only be used by Language Teachers who have fully read and agreed to this text.
  • hello-sensei.com is not a recruiting agency, nor a personnel service agency, which means hello-sensei.com does not intervene in the language lessons or related matters. Students and teachers are directly responsible for making contracts regarding language lessons.

2. Language Teacher Eligibility

  • Language Teachers must have a valid passport/visa and alien registration card (or permanent residence card) or Japanese citizenship/nationality.
  • Language Teachers must have a valid visa/permit that allows them to work in Japan (or they must have a Japanese spouse/Japanese citizenship).
  • Language Teachers must have planned to be in Japan for at least 60 days in order to have their teaching profile published on the hello-sensei.com.
  • Language schools and prearranged group lessons are not allowed to register on hello-sensei.com.

3. Purpose of the Service

  • The service must only be used by Language Teachers who genuinely and seriously want to find students in Japan.
  • Language Teachers must not use the Service for any purpose other than finding students for their language classes.

4. Service Charge and Lesson Fees

  • hello-sensei.com does not charge Language Teachers for using the Service.
  • Language Teachers are not employees of hello-sensei.com.
  • Language Teachers receive payment directly from students at the end of every lesson.
  • Language Teachers are not allowed to advertise lessons that require an enrollment fee, advanced payment or monthly/annual fee.
  • There must be NO discrepancy between the price displayed on Language Teachers' profiles and the actual amount charged.
  • Language Teachers must update their teaching profile and give their students notice if they choose to change their lesson fees or any other additional fees.

5. Language Teachers' Information

  • All information in a Language Teachers' profiles can be publicly displayed by/for hello-sensei.com online service, except for Language Teachers' last names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
  • Language Teachers' e-mail addresses and last names are given to students who request a Language Teacher's contact information in order to receive language classes.
  • Language Teachers' additional contact information (cell-phone number, cell-phone e-mail address, etc.) may also be given to the students if the Language Teacher has allowed it in their teaching profile form.

6. Language Teachers' Responsibilities

  • Language Teachers must provide hello-sensei.com with correct information in the registration form and the teaching profile form.
  • Language Teachers must not provide false or misleading information under any circumstances.
  • Language Teachers are responsible for any of the following work-related matters resulting from teaching: tax, insurance, superannuation, etc.
  • Language Teachers must treat their students with respect and abide by any agreements between the teacher and the student.
  • Language Teachers are responsible for the password that is issued upon registration.
  • Language Teachers must not put any contact information (e-mail address, telephone number, SNS account ID, etc.) on their teaching profile form, except for fields that specifically ask the Language Teachers to provide their contact information.
  • Language Teachers can publish a teaching profile only for the language lessons they offer by themselves.
  • Language Teachers must not give students' information to anyone.
  • If Language Teachers are not available for classes they must set the status of their teaching profile to "unpublished" on their account.
  • Language Teachers must respond to all requests for language classes as soon as possible, and if Language Teachers are not available for classes at the time of the requests they must inform the students accordingly.
  • Language Teachers must not disclose their ID and password to anyone.

7. Responsibilities of hello-sensei.com

  • hello-sensei.com helps Language Teachers find their own students by presenting their teaching profile to potential students on the Internet.
  • hello-sensei.com is responsible for providing government institutions with all necessary information regarding the users of the Service in case the following situations should occur: illegal acts, harassment, etc.
  • hello-sensei.com is not responsible for any damage, loss, dispute, or other problems that might have been caused by use of the Service.

8. hello-sensei.com's Rights

  • hello-sensei.com reserves the right to edit or delete Language Teachers' profiles if false information, contact information, or inappropriate statements are detected.
  • hello-sensei.com holds the right to remove Language Teachers' profiles in case of any reported issues with students.
  • hello-sensei.com holds the right to refuse Language Teachers' registration requests or terminate their membership (account) without any notice.
  • hello-sensei.com holds the right to display all the information of the Language Teachers’ profiles publicly for the hello-sensei.com online service, except for Language Teachers' last names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, or other contact information.
  • hello-sensei.com may give Language Teachers' contact information to students up to five weeks after the removal of teaching profiles.
  • hello-sensei.com may change the contents of Terms of Use (Agreement) without prior notice and however deemed necessary. The modified Terms of Use (Agreement) will become effective from the day of it being posted and/or modified on the hello-sensei.com website.
  • All supplied content, such as text, images, graphical programs, or other materials used on the hello-sensei.com website are the property of hello-sensei.com. Language Teachers cannot use any of these materials without the written consent of hello-sensei.com.