Find more students in Japan ?

If you have not been contacted by any students although you have a published teaching profile, or if you'd just like to take on more students, you might like our tips for getting more exposure. The most popular teachers on our site have a teaching profile that fulfills all the criteria listed here.

Do you have a photo in your teaching profile?

If not, we suggest you add one. Having a photo of yourself adds a personal aspect to your teaching profile, putting students at ease with who you are will help them find this process more confortable. If you have problems uploading your photo please let us know by using our contact form.

Do you have a reasonable lesson fee listed for one-on-one lessons?

If you took a language lesson how much would you be willing to pay per hour for a 1 on 1 lesson?
For example, most Japanese students are willing to pay up to 3,000 yens per hour for a one-on-one English lesson.

How many train stations have you selected in your teaching profile?

We have a landing page for each train station in the Kanto area (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, etc.) and in the Kansai area (Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Nara, etc.) for students who search for teachers with the name of a train station in a search engine.
This means that the larger amount of stations selected, the more widely exposed your teaching profile will be. However, please select only the stations you actually can go to for face-to-face lessons.

Have you described yourself in detail?

Most Japanese students will look closely at your teaching profile and read everything written there, so you should also fill out the fields that are not required. Use the 'message to students' field to describe yourself as much as possible. Teachers who have simply written “Hi everyone, I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!” are less likely to find students easily. It’s also a good idea to describe exactly how you carry out your lessons. For example, what materials you use, how you allocate time during lessons, etc. It's recommended that teachers write the message in Japanese. Or if you write the message in both Japanese and English (or other language), it's recommended that you place the message in Japanese first and then the message in English (or other language).

When was the last time you updated your teaching profile?

As you may or may not know, the ”Updated” mark is displayed on your teaching profile for 4 weeks after it has been updated. We strongly recommend that you update your teaching profile at least once a month, as students generally prefer teachers who have recently been active in their account. Please also note that it will appear in teacher search results only for 90 days after the last update.

*Please refrain from updating your teaching profile continuously only to get the top of the search results. In the case that it has been continuously updated in a particular time frame, it will be pended for some time and take longer than usual before being published back again.